Change management

Sometimes there is a need for more than a lecture or training, because the hesitation to address undesirable behaviour is deeply rooted in the culture of the organisation. It has unconsciously and tacitly become accepted: ‘We do talk about giving (constructive) feedback more often or creating a feedback culture, but of course we are not going to really do it’. If this is the case it is important to design a consistent process in which top management also participates. After all, their example behaviour is crucial.

We start with a compact analysis, in which we conduct interviews at various levels in the organisation. Based on the results, we work together with you to design appropriate interventions for the various target groups. We intend to align with existing consultation structures or ongoing programmes as much as possible. The focus is on practising and doing instead of only talking about it. Of course these programmes are 100% customised to your situation and, if desired, co-created in collaboration with our or your partners.

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