The Team

We are proud to present some of the partners we are working with.


Gytha Heins

Team coach, speaker and trainer for headstrong managers

We want to change others, but that is a no-win situation. Rather, ask yourself what you can do differently so they react differently. I don’t believe in ‘you have to …’, but in ‘be the change’. You decide how you behave and I show you – together with the group – the consequences. We work in a businesslike and safe setting. The business goals are our context. We explore and utilize differences, have difficult conversations and simply go through the ‘hassle’ and get to the other side. My style is result-oriented, pragmatic, inspiring and frank.

Jan Hille Noordhof

Energetic facilitator and speaker

I am always in for something new, provided it is effective. All means are allowed, as long as change is initiated. I am most happy when people dare to question their assumptions and beliefs. Is the world really as you envisioned it? In my programmes I watch and listen to discover patterns and systems. How do you block yourself and what thoughts are hindering you? I like to coach and train individuals and teams to develop new beliefs. That is the mindset to embed different behaviour.

Petra van Reek

Corporate psychologist, coach and trainer (NIP/A&O-A&G)

I am passionate about increasing job satisfaction and vitality, because that leads to a better performance. In personal coaching and group training sessions, I teach people how to manage themselves and others, how to become more effective in having difficult conversations and how to adequately work on recovery in case of absenteeism at work. My intervention style is as lightweight as possible and as in-depth as necessary; it is also practical, positive and solution-oriented.


Esther Vos

(Team)coach for professionals and managers

My style is no nonsense, with a high commitment to the goals a team and/or individuals want to achieve. The road we travel is a nice combination of deep understanding and fun. We get to the essence and I motivate people to have the real conversation with each other about that. Why are we doing what we do? I don’t work with abstract models, but with concrete practice. That is where development takes place. This is why Gytha’s approach appeals to me so much.


Heleen Siebert

Trainer and coach for strong leaders

I am driven to ‘unlock’ stagnating collaborations so that people and teams become the best version of themselves and perform strongly. I facilitate speaking up, new ways of decision-making and being courageous so that people take responsibility, make choices and are accountable. I do this with compassion, being concrete and confrontational.

Amie de Jeu

Passionate facilitator of cross cultural communication

Amie has been a business communication trainer and coach for more than 25 years. Her style is engaging and personal, practical and business oriented. She strongly believes that good communication is the key to a smooth running, successful organization and positive personal relationships. Therefore, her training and coaching is a unique blend of improving English language skills and addressing communication processes in a broader sense. She brings different perspectives in view to better understand one’s own behavior and communication patterns, and those of others. In this way, true connections are enhanced.

Rick Koster

Coach in transitions and facilitator of interpersonal processes

Unleashing talents; that is what fascinates me. I help teams to understand the undercurrent. That is the basis for transforming, as a person, as a team and as an organisation. We investigate the challenges and formulate a sparklingly goal. We train interventions that make an impact. Smart people sometimes do stupid things and I want to help them understand themselves and others around them to enable different choices.