There are several options to getting started with addressing undesirable behaviour at work. Please find some suggestions below.


(Online) masterclass

Gytha gives lectures and master classes. Online and offline. These are often initiated to provide inspiration or to start the conversation about addressing undesirable behaviour in the organisation. During the interactive meeting Gytha shares the most important results from her research and suggests ways to make it easier to speak up.

For small and large groups. Duration between 50 and 90 minutes.

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Online training

Would you rather learn online (at your chosen time) how to make more impact when you address someone’s behaviour? And how to get your team on board? Then opt for the online training programme. This programme can easily be turned into a hybrid learning experience by for example adding offline training or (team)coaching.

Please find more information on the tab ‘e-learning’.

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Workshops and training

We offer in-company and some open training programmes ‘Addressing (un)desirable behaviour at work’. You can choose a one-day workshop to create initial awareness or a more extensive programme to improve your own and your team members competences in speaking up, addressing undesirable behaviour and receiving constructive feedback.

A workshop has room for 6 to 15 participants, with or without the manager.
A training is suitable for 6 to 10 participants with a similar span-of-control, without the immediate supervisor.

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(Team) Coaching

Team coaching is the core and backbone of our services. Effective (management) teams hold each other accountable. Doing this however might be perceived as risky and therefore is more easily said than done. Gytha helps to increase transparency and improve trust, by facilitating discussion of the issues that cause frustration, suspicion or delay. And by making sure we all have fun doing so.

Duration: three to seven half-day meetings, spread over five to nine months. Individual coaching can be part of this.

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Change management

Sometimes a lecture or training is not enough, because the lack of (constructive) feedback is deeply rooted in the entire organisation. It has become an accepted part of the corporate culture: ‘we do talk about giving feedback, but of course we are not going to do it’. Often this is an unconscious process and people will never confess this is how they really think about providing (constructive) feedback.

In these circumstances it is important to design a consistent process, in which the top also participates. We design suitable interventions for the different target groups and link them with existing meeting structures and programmes. 100% tailor-made.

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