(Team) Coaching

The desire to research addressing undesirable behaviour at work originated from Gytha’s experience in coaching executive and management teams. In order for these teams to operate more effectively, it proved essential for team members to keep each other on their toes about addressing desired and undesired behaviour and keeping to agreements. But this is not without risk and therefore easier said than done. Gytha helps to increase transparency and improve trust; step by step, while discussing the issues at hand.

Themes that often emerge include:

  • Drivers, energy and pitfalls
  • Compliments, constructive feedback and the difference with addressing undesirable behaviour.
  • How do we really want to work together? What is ‘the norm’ around here? And what are my personal red lines not to be crossed?
  • The difference between what we say we do and what we actually do.
  • Cascading strategic goals as well as behavioural frameworks.
  • What is your style in addressing undesirable behaviour and how does it resonate with different types of receivers?
  • Managing dilemmas and the different roles.
  • The balance between leaving room for autonomy and setting boundaries.
  • Psychological safety and (hierarchical) power.
  • What can we do later and what will we NOT do? Daring to choose.

Programmes are always tailormade, usually in five to seven half-day meetings spread over five to nine months. Individual coaching can be added. The programmes are supervised by Gytha or one of the partners. Additionally, we sometimes invite guest lecturers.

A selection of the reactions afterwards:

‘Enlightening’, ‘inspiring’, ‘you don’t hesitate to confront us in a friendly way and we need that’, ‘you really and sincerely help’, ‘you are capable of helping a team as a whole to climb to a higher level’, ‘when things get tense I know I can count on your support’.

Of course we would be happy to connect you with one of our clients for a personal reference.

Interested in more information? Please send an e-mail to info@be7.nl.