Why address undesirable behaviour at work?

We all want our colleagues to deliver what has been agreed upon by the deadline, we want meetings to be short and to the point (without others starting to update their mail on their mobiles or turn off their cameras), we want direct communication (no gossiping) and we want everyone to say what they think and do as they say. And, of course, we want our personal red lines to be respected. We think creating a transparent, inclusive and safe culture is the solution and we hope that everyone else speaks up. We believe we are already behaving as desired. All in all, nothing changes and behaviour we all dislike in the workplace is not spoken about and continues to be tolerated.

The growing diversity in teams leads to more misunderstandings in collaboration. Eighty per cent of the teams do not function well because the participants do not hold each other accountable. Why do we talk about addressing undesirable behaviour, but hardly ever do it? How do we really create a culture where colleagues feel safe to speak up?

Gytha Heins researched addressing undesirable behaviour at work and shares the results and solutions that work.

Here is a sample of some of the feedback on her book: ‘I’m not a reader, but I finished this book in no time’, ‘Extremely recognisable’, ‘Wise and inspiring’, ‘Finally a non-soft book about feedback’, ‘Now I understand why I’d rather not do it’, ‘Great to have so many practical tools!’

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About our services

The research and book originated because of the discomfort Gytha observed with addressing undesirable behaviour in the workplace. She shares her insights with organisations by giving interactive lectures, workshops and coaching management and boards.

A number of open training courses have been developed in cooperation with selected partners. More information can be found by clicking on the buttons below.

About Gytha Heins

Gytha Heins is an experienced sparring partner for board and management teams and is the founder of Be7 Organisation and Leadership Development and the Feedback Academy. As a team coach, she designs and facilitates leadership and change programmes for profit and non-profit organisations. She also gives lectures and delivers learning programmes on addressing undesirable behaviour at work.

Gytha recognises that we waste much energy in organisations on annoyances and (political) hassles. Her mission is to help teams perform better and have more fun. Imagine what would happen if we all just say what we really think and do as we say? She believes in the power of constructive confrontation to increase performance and collaboration at work.